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Sausage Making for Beginners

Sausage Making For Beginners
Table of Contents

1. Introduction
2. Meat Preparation
3. Grinding
4. Mixing
5. About sausage casings
6. Stuffing your sausage
7. The role of nitrites
8. The basic recipe
9. American Breakfast Sausage
10. Italian Sausage
11. Polish Sausage
12. Bratwurst
13. Andouille
14. Boudin
15. Sausage Resources

This e-course is completely free! I hope you enjoy reading this and are able to use it to make your own sausages at home. In exchange for providing this e-course I would like to ask a favor.

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• If you found this e-course to be a waste of your time then PLEASE send me an e-mail at and let me know. I would love to hear what I could do to make this e-course better.


p.s.  The entire course has been expanded to cover sausage, bacon and jerky.  It is available as a free PDF download here.

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12 thoughts on “Sausage Making for Beginners
  • Tom Svendsen says:

    Looking forward to reading your info. Thanks

    • admin says:

      Thanks for stopping by. If there is anything that is not clear please let me know. I hope you find my site useful.


  • Rick l says:

    Do you happen to have recipe for the type of smoked sausage that you find in any number of BBQ joints in around Central and Eastern Texas? I believe many call them Texas hot links and I’m fairly certain the contain a mix of beef and pork on a course grind. I’ve been thinking of trying to make some of them.

    • David says:

      Rick, I do not have my own recipe. I do have two recipes from Paul Kirk’s Championship Barbecue that I can e-mail you. I have not tried making either sausage myself.

  • Bill Bradshaw says:

    David first off, thanks for taking the time to post your e-book. I found it very helpful.
    I to would like the recipes for the hot links. Been wanting to make some. Have been busy curing bacon and smoking with hickory. Now its sausage time. Thanks again. Bill

    • David says:


      You are very welcome. Check your e-mail for the hot links. I would love to know how they turn out.

  • Stewart says:

    Really inspired to have a go at making sausages now, just took delivery of my first smoker, a Weber Smokey Mountain, very excited to get started and experiment.
    Thanks for sharing the info.


    • David says:

      Congratulation on the WSM and welcome aboard! You are going to love the WSM and have a blast making sausage. Thanks for dropping by!

  • Brian M says:

    Bookmarked… i will be back for sure. one of the best write ups on sausage making ive seen.

  • scott says:

    Thank you, David!! I have been wanting to make my own sausage for some time, and now, I have the courage to do it!
    I really appreciate your attention to detail in walking through each step.
    I’m going to purchase a hand grinder and hand stuffer from LEM.
    I can’t wait to get started!

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