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Very pleased to have another post by my buddy Jarhead!

Howdy ever’body. Finally home in the Ozarks of Southwest Missouri. I enjoyed my time in SoCal, but it’s sure good to be home.

In my conquest for a 40” Masterbuilt Electric Smoker (2ndGeneration), I have had one heck of a ride.

I started out the latter part of December 2012 trying to get one from Amazon, when they went on sale for $299.

I placed my order just in time to find out they were out, but more were expected soon.

After a couple weeks, I checked my order status and the product page, only to find out that there was a delay of 4 to 5 months. Say what?

I knew this might pose a problem, because I had to be back in Missouri the first week of April. I sent Customer Service an email stating my problem and they told me that I could change the shipping address up until it shipped, but to do it about a week before I left. OK, I thought all is good, unless they ship it just before I leave. I had a little leeway in my schedule, if needed, so all was well.

I was home for about two weeks and it shipped. “Yippee, finally gonna get this show on the road.”

It arrived 3 days later via an unnamed carrier. But you remember the driver that threw the TV over the fence? Yeah, those guys!!!

As he was unloading it, I heard this strange sound coming from within the box. I asked him to flip it over to hear it again. Sure sounded like broken glass to me. He agreed, and I refused the shipment.

I sent Amazon CS an email alerting them of the problem and telling them that I had refused it.

10 days later they refunded my money. I thought that they were going to send me a replacement. I guess, that’s what I get for thinking.

I tried to reorder it, but it was going to cost me the new price of $459. Sorry, but they can keep it.

I was looking around in the BBQ section of Lowe’s on line and saw a smoker that sure looked like the MES-40 without the window. $279.00, now that’s more like it. After comparing the manufacturer part numbers, the Master Forge 40 was one number higher. I called around to the various locations to see if I could find one in stock. No luck. But one store had some on order that was supposed to be in within 2 weeks. I talked to the store manager and told him to place my name on the list. He said he would call me as soon as he got them. I still owe him a pork butt. Great guy.

So as to put it like Paul Harvey did, “And now, for the rest of the story.”

Ladies and gentlemen, may I present to you, the Master Forge 40” Electric Smoker.




Can’t wait to get started. Unpacked the smoker. Packed great, I might add.



Now for a check of all of the parts. Yep, everything there


Putting on the feet. Anybody see a place to put the screw?


Just a membrane over the hole. No problem.

MFES-4009Small  The front of the smoker. Only 6 items that needed to be put on with screws that fit perfectly.


The rest just slid into channels. Took me about 30 minutes.

Master Forge Electric SmokerMFES-4012Small

Plugged it in for a test run. So far, so good. Got power.


Now to season it. I used Hickory Chips with the temp set to 275F as recommended in the manual.


Thought I would check the accuracy of the factory thermometer. Spot on.


I let it season for 3 hours. I’ll save the first cook for another post. But, I will give you my pros and cons of the unit as I see them.


  • Easy assembly.
  • Parts fit perfect. None missing.
  • Thermometer was accurate.
  • Outside LED Light.
  • No glass to clean. I don’t like doing windows anyway. What are you gonna see in there if it’s full of smoke?
  • 1200 watt element produces quick and accurate temps. 20 minutes from 53 to 275.
  • Meat probe. I haven’t used it yet, but is close to what the inside temp reads.


  • No remote control. Why would you want one anyway?
  • No glass window. See above.
  • 275F maximum temperature.

I am very happy with the Master Forge 40” Smoker. In my opinion, more so than the MES-40.

I’ve cooked on it 3 times now, to be posted later, and it has worked great. Nice smoke flavor and very moist meat. What else can I say?


7 thoughts on “Master Forge Electric Smoker”

  1. Glad I found your site Dave because there’s not too much info out there on this one for some reason. It sure looks like a winner to me. I’ve been reading a lot of real bad reviews on the MES 40 2nd gen. You’d think they’d have that all ironed out by now but it doesn’t look that way.

    Since you’ve had this a while are you still happy with it? If the answer’s yes then I think you made up my mind for me. Take care.

    1. Bruce, that is a tough one! I looked for an hour and a half and came up empty. I’ll keep poking around…will email you if I get lucky.

  2. Easy to unpack, minimal setup and very easy to use. This is my first smoker and I’m very pleased with the results. The digital display can be difficult to read in sunlight, that is only negative I’ve found. Used with MoJack apple pellets and my chicken came out moist and delicious. The unit is low to the ground. My suggestion is either to buy the stand, use a sturdy table or sit in a chair if you need to reach in the bottom. Also, for easy cleanup I put my chicken in an aluminum pan and it works great. Still get the smokey flavor and don’t have to clean out the machine – it’s a win-win.

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