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David Somerville
Great!  You found a cool place to hang out and pick up a few barbecue tricks!!  I promise you are going to have a fun time here.

LOTS of people come to this site for the free e-course Sausage Making for Beginners.

I have expanded the e-course, adding sections on bacon and jerky, into a 50 page PDF.  You can access the book by clicking the image on the sidebar.

If want to learn how to make sausage or your own bbq rubs then I’ve got you covered.  I also do a lot of writing about how to use the Weber Jumbo Joe and Weber rotisseries.  I’ve also got some interesting interviews with folks who are out there living the BBQ life.

If you don’t find what you are looking for drop me a line and I will get you what you need.

I am based out of Baton Rouge, Louisiana. If you are ever in the area shoot me an e-mail and we can go grab a beer.

I have a love affair with Weber grills and have developed a few other sites about their products.  If you have an old Weber Genesis and need to do some refurbishments then check out my site about Weber Flavorizer Bars.  There is actually a pretty cool history behind the things!

If you want to go read other stuff then check out some of the links from the Smoke Ring below or head on over and visit some of the great sites I have linked up on the sidebar.  You can send me a note at

I take your privacy seriously.  Here is a link to my Privacy Policy.

Homemade BBQ Sauce

All you need to know about barbecue


13 thoughts on “Home
  • Coshon says:

    Great site. I ALWAYS use dry rubs and look forward to using your site for improving my combination of spices. Thanks!

  • Scott Hughes says:

    Loved your article on Old Florida BBQ… Just wanted to pass on a little gem I found when I used to shoot full time (I teach art now). From my momma’s old stomp’n grounds in South Carolina… the place is just as it seems, REAL. There was an old guy in the backyard with a wood splitter and pigs and chickens running around everywhere (probably the supply for the food we ate when we visited there). My extra sauce came in an old washed out Mystic fruit juice bottle in addition to the home made pork rinds we purchased. I finally visited this place after seeing the article three years earlier… It was well worth it!!!! Scott’s BBQ in Hemingway S.C. Just thought I would share in case you are ever in those parts… & Jer 29:11

  • Kerry Smith says:

    You have a great site yep… OK… Beer Time..

  • Jason says:

    Thanks for sharing. I saw these at the HPB Expo last month in Orlando and they are a great product. Brad has a must have product for great grill marks every time. We are proud to sell them at out online store at the link below.

    • David says:

      Jason, I hope you sell plenty! I am guessing that since you are selling that you aren’t looking for a set through the drawing?

  • Paris says:

    Hi Dave
    I love to grill. But I don’t grill for any competitions just for my family. I love how Pork turns out when its grilled low and slow my problem is that I don’t have a smoker but what I do is indirect grilling. Can you tell me what kind of charcoal I can use to prevent so much ash? Once the ash builds up I have to remove my meat, clean out the ash and start a new fire ugh.. This drives me crazy if there isn’t a solution to this problem what kind of (not to expensive) grill/smoker can I buy I would love to purchase a big green egg but like I said I’m not in any competitions to spend that amount can you recommend another kind of Kamado grill that hold in heat so I wont have to add charcoal as much

    • David says:


      I don’t play around with ceramic grills so I can’t give any great advice.

      I can tell you that I used Kingsford blue and the $60 Weber Jumbo Joe to do a nine hour cook on a pork butt and it was pretty easy. Here is a link to the post.


  • JJ says:

    So I was looking on the internet hoping that maybe somebody had a few good tips for using the Jumbo Joe. Hello!!! Going to try out all these tips and hints. Thanks for doing the hard work and experimenting for us so we can just right down to enjoying some good BBQ. Thanks from Vancouver BC.

  • Mark says:

    Very nice website, and I do love BBQ as well as pizza and have a few friends that do a lot of BBQ and smoking.

    Will have to also let them know about this sausage party. ;-)

  • Ross says:

    Stumbled onto this site while researching sausage making. The great part is that you are in La. BR. I live in Mandeville and am glad to see someone local doing a site like this. The best to you in your efforts. Great informative site. The ebook is great. I have a weber SM 18,5 and a genesis. Love them both.
    The best to you. Maybe beer time soon. I do work in BR.

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